Sunday, June 21, 2009

Once upon A Fairy Tale

Good evening everyone

I’m having a problem to tell a bedtime story for my little brother tonight. I’ve told him too much story until I have lack of idea to find another story for him. I think I need to google it though or maybe this week I have to go to mph to buy any interesting book. The most important is the story must have moral value for him. I want him to learn while hearing my story, not just lie down and then sleep. Speaking of that, sometimes I think there’s certain fairy tale story like Cinderella, Repunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are a bit ridiculous. LOL :D

“Once upon a time, in a far, far away, there live a beautiful princess in a beautiful castle—and they live happily ever after.”

From the line above, as we can see a fairy tale always put a very propagandist statement that sometimes over estimated. There will be also happy endings in the end of the story. The main character always for someone extremely beautiful/charming person and sometimes the main character (usually woman) always being abused and unlucky before she met the prince charming, like what happen in Bawang Merah Bawang Putih (bullied by her stepmother and sister) same goes to Cinderella, Repunzel (being locked up in a high tower without being able to go out and enjoy her butts out), Sleeping Beauty (being cursed by a witch), and Snow White (her stepmother hate her because of her beauty?—over dramatic don’t you think?). oh well, when I was a kid I always dreamt of being a princess, beautiful, gorgeous princess and have a prince that waiting for me in a beautiful castle – until my elder sister ruin it by scarring my face LOL :D but when I grow up I just figured it out a little but ( or maybe huge) of lies on it. First of all, there is no way that a cursed will be vanished by just one kiss or a true love kiss. That’s just insane. If u doesn’t believe it, try cursed yourself out and ask your boyfriend to kiss you, and see whether it works. Ohh, I just thought that every good luck is just for pretty lady with a good heart and to marry the prince. But I just wonder how about for not-good-looking girl with just a great heart? Doesn’t she deserve it too? In real life sometimes it’s not always a happy ending. Don’t you think so?

I do not say every fairy tale story is not good, and I don’t say that we have to make it real and boring. We can be creative in creating the characters. There’s several tale story that I really like such as Sang Kancil (with sang buaya, sang harimau and etc) whoever the story teller is, he’s great. He picks the character very carefully, as like sang kancil is the main character. As we know this animal are small but brilliant. It can easily protect itself without being eaten. Where sang harimau/tiger is a very strong animal but sometimes we look at it as symbolize of arrogant. Well, a fairy tale/tale story is all about telling children a good moral value, what a good thing to do and what shouldn’t. Well, in this story, we don’t want the child to be arrogant until they make themselves look stupid. That was a good thing. Look, we don’t have to pick up a ‘fancy’ character to educate children or to attract the attention. I read this story to my little brother and little cousin (a girl) and they just enjoy it and want me to read to them every night. The best part is, they easily learnt the great value from this story.

If you ask me, doesn’t ‘fancy’ fairy tales give us a good moral value too? Like ‘u get what u deserved’ in Cinderella? Well yeah they did. BUT, whether they realized or no they also give a huge impact of certain people. By using only beautiful people who always is being a good person and the main character. For example, in Cinderella, she is beautiful and gorgeous and she also nice. And the evil stepsisters are ugly inside and outside. Don’t you ever wonder why in fairy tale the good one always is very pretty and the bad one is really ugly? The truth is as we can see I real life, the good looking person sometimes can be really bad than the ugly person. The worst part is, they can be super evil with two faces. They can hide the ‘evilness’ inside their beauty looks. Well, let us face it, what would happen if we tell a Cinderella story for someone who is fat or too thin? Doesn’t she felt that she was similar to Cinderella stepsister? And this will make them less self esteem and unhappy about themselves. Oh well, I know that u will say that there are unnecessary for telling the children about this fairy tale story or we can read another story. There is so many fairy tales in this world so we don’t have to stick on this Cinderella story. But still every main character in each fairy tale is super pretty and gorgeous, too soft that sometimes depend on luck. Sometimes I felt that the creator of the story imagined that the women in the main character are too weak that couldn’t stand on their own feet and too soft like what happen in Cinderella and Snow White. They let their step mother bullied them and never try to escape from the situation. All they willing to do is just wait for the prince to save them. Well for me in this new era, women have to stand on their own. We have to be strong, speak out and independent. I don’t think some fairy tale could help children to build confidence. Don’t you think?

Friday, May 15, 2009

How we create it to be--

Hello guys.

It’s been a long time huh since I wrote the last post. I miss this blog already. Even though I know there is no one reading this now LOL. I never thought that I could write a blog, seriously. I know I’m a very sentimental kind of girl that enjoy write in a diary and kind of stuff. But I never thought to share and post it to public. It’s not that I want to tell everyone my whole secret. But what I’m going to write here in this blog is all about my opinion and point of view about some certain issue that I think, for me is interesting.

Today, there is something in my mind that really bothered and forces me to express it here. It’s kind of personal thing about what happen in a broken family. What exactly happen to the children that grow up in a non perfect family? Have you ever thought of this kind of issue? Well I’m sure u did. But I am 100% sure that u guys (most of u ) are not really care or how I must say have less concern about it. I found that really interesting to study about how the broken family struggle to manage their family for being perfect. If I have been given a chance to do it, I will definitely take this chance to observe more. I have several friends that grow up in a broken family, what I meant is their parents are divorced and some of them are married to another partner. Well, in Kuala Lumpur this is not a big issue. 70% of my classmates told me that their parents are failing in maintaining their relationship with their partner and manage to get divorce.

I was wondering how the children get along with their peers, when they feel that they are not perfect as others. Some of them are only make friends with people who have the same fate as they. This is the F A C T u guys. I knew it because I used to be friends with them if you know what I mean. Well, maybe u thought that this is not good for themselves to only be friends with someone who have same experience that they have. Probably they will turn themselves to be some kind of gangs and do crime. But the only reason why they only be friends with each other is because they know they can depend on it, they support each other and understand more because they all been through this. The most important thing is, they will not be afraid to express their feelings, and they don’t have to hide, to be less self esteem for no reason. For me it’s a good thing for them to build up their spirit that already gone as their parents didn’t get along.

For some reason, I’ve been thinking that is there any differences between a divorced family, who tries to build up their family by marrying another partner and the broken family that actually satisfied with their status and not trying to complicate it with another marriage. Will this new marriage make their life's perfect or just a disaster? What I meant is when we have a new parent, there is a strange feelings will appear from the children’s mind like who is this guy, or women? Will they concern about the children or just to fulfill their needs? Will they treat their step children and their own children (if they have one) fairly? If a new marriage is a completely a disaster or not promising the happiness, why they get married at the first place? Well, I think the parent thought that there is still hope to make the family as a complete circle or maybe to hide the imperfection. But, are they necessary? Let us think in this way, if the marriage is a complete failure, there is no happiness towards all people in the family. There is no reason why we have to do that. I’m not saying that all step parents are irresponsible, but some of them didn’t. This is a fact that we all have read in newspapers about the step parents abusing their step children, and all kind of crime like rape and murder.

For me, in order to find a new mom/dad to their children, parent has to make sure that they have picked the right choice. It is for the sake of their family. We don’t want anything bad happen to ruin the family that already broken. We don’t want to hurt our children’s feelings for the second time. I am sure that there is a lot of thoughtful people are willing to accept step children, like what happen in my friend’s family. She has a very sweet and kind stepmother that care for all her siblings including herself. The most important is, her dad plays an important role in creating harmony in their family. They have a perfect family even though with a stepmother. The best part is, everyone is happy and never thought that they are imperfect, but more than just a normal, boring family. Being in a broken family is not the end of the world, it depends on us; how we create it to be. –end.


Ketika si ibu bertanyakan anaknya adakah dia merokok? Si anak akan menjawab ‘ya’ atau ‘tidak’. Si ibu lantas bertanya, ‘jujurkah kamu?’ dan jika sang kekasih bertanyakan pasangannya adakah kamu pernah curang? Lantas sepantasnya si dia membalas ‘tidak mungkin’. Terlintas difikiran sang kekasih ‘jujurkah dia?’.

Jujur. Sering kali kita mendengar perkataan ini walau dimana jua kita berada. Sering juga kita melafazkan perkataan ini ketika kita mengharapkan kebenaran yang dilafazkan dari seseorang. Namun sejauh manakah kita fahami erti kejujuran itu sebenarnya? Adakah kita sebagai manusia, jujur dengan apa yang kita lakukan atau lafazkan? Sejujurnya, pernahkah kita menipu walaupun demi kebaikan? Benarkah penipuan demi sesuatu kebaikan itu dikecualikan?

Kadang kala kita keliru dengan perkataan ini disebabkan permainan yang kita cipta untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. kita mengolah kisah demi kisah yang kadangkala tragis demi meraih simpati seseorang dan mengharapkan kepercayaan insan yang disayangi dengan menggunakan perkataan JUJUR. Sejauh manakah kekuatan ayat ini? Adakah seseorang insan itu akan percaya jika kita hanya menggunakan 'senjata' jujur ini? Sama sekali tidak. Majoritinya mahukan bukti yang kukuh untuk menyokong cerita yang mereka olah.

Namun, sesetengahnya tidak mempunyai bukti yang kukuh tetapi kenyataannya benar. Seorang insan yang tidak berdosa telah dituduh membunuh seorang anak kecil dengan bukti yang terletak sepenuhnya terhadap insan tersebut. Walau berkali-kali dia bersumpah di dalam kandang kehakiman, dia tetap bersalah. Walaupun hakikatnya, seorang manusia yang tidak berperikemanusiaan telah menggunakan kuasa yang ada ditangannya untuk mengolah bukti dan ‘membeli’ bukti untuk melarikan diri dari kesalahan yang dilakukannya.

Seorang gadis amat mencintai kekasihnya, telah dituduh curang oleh kekasihnya sendiri walau berjuta kali dia menafikannya dengan mengatakan sejujurnya pada si kekasih. Sang kekasih itu pula dengan gahnya mengatakan yang dia tidak akan percaya pada gadis tersebut kecuali si gadis memberi bukti cinta dan sayang pada si kekasih tersebut. Lalu si gadis bertanyakan apakah bukti yang si kekasih mahukan? sedangkan si gadis telah berikan semuanya pada kekasih hati. Maka si kekasih itu berkata dia mahukan si gadis gadaikan maruahnya untuk membuktikan sayang. Benarkah dengan menuruti kehendak kekasihnya itu akan meleraikan pertelingkahan itu? TIDAK. Semakin hari, mereka melakukan dosa, ketepikan soal maruah dan keluarga hingga suatu saat, si kekasih berubah hati. Alasannya, si gadis bukan calon pilihan hatinya. Adilkah?

Lumrah manusia, sering saja melihat dan mengadili sesuatu dengan mata kasar. kita melihat tertuduh yang dituduh membunuh hanya dengan bukti yang kita sendiri tidak tahu hujung pangkalnya. Sedangkan kebenaran yang sebaliknya, si tertuduh telah ditipu oleh teman baiknya sendiri yang menggunakan istilah ‘jujur’ sehinggakan dia terpedaya lalu terperangkap dalam jenayah yang tidak dilakukannya. Kita juga mengatakan si gadis yang tergadai maruahnya seorang murahan kerana memberi maruahnya pada lelaki tanpa mengambil kira mengapa dia melakukan perbuatan itu. Dengan dua kisah ini, tidak terlintaskah difikiran kita bahawa istilah jujur itu boleh membunuh jiwa kita sendiri? seorang yang jujur yang berpegang teguh pada pendiriannya untuk berkatra benar telah ditipu oleh manusia bertopeng dua yang sentiasa mengambil kesempatan pada istilah jujur itu sendiri. pada akhirnya, kita manusia tenggelam antara penipuan disebalik kebenaran, begitu juga sebaliknya...

Saturday, April 4, 2009


have u ever feel this kind of feelings?
every person on earth ever feel that way for sure including me. i feel guilty for almost everything i've done. sometimes i think i am the most unlucky person that always bring badluck for people. heh o.O
i give u one situation :

Alicia, 20 years old lady who studying in a private college. she have a boyfriend called Henry. they've been together for almost 4 years now. they love each other. well at least Alicia does. people said that when we've been together with the same person for a long time we will get bored with them. this is happen to this couple. Henry, used to be the loving one, caring and the most romantic guy on earth. but he had changed 6 months ago for some reason that Alicia didn't really sure. she asked him why but Henry refused to tell the truth. after 6 month being unsure and alone, Alicia decided to do something fun to herself like hanging out with friends until late night, join blogs and websites and find some new friends. Alicia knew that this kind of things would turns him mad but she need to do something to make her happy. at the same time she hate herself. she LIES. she think herself as a monster.

do u think Alicia is guilty? even she judge herself as a monster. but-- she does that for reason. she's being left alone. she've been asked him for so many times why he's being so ignorant but she didnt get the answer that she want. well i think she's not gulty. how about you?

to be continued.....